A Swell Day.

They say it's frightful bad luck to bring a woman aboard.

I say that it's bad luck for all the men aboard because the women haul in all the fish and the men are typically left blaming the women for their apparent lack in luck because sometimes men have had a history of doing just such a thing.


Soooooooo I'm back home in Alaska. 

Having spent my first summer away from the 49th state, I can say with confidence that it won't be happening again.

Not only have I been incredibly homesick since I first left for the big city, but it's been hard to be away from a place that blossoms in summer. Abundant hiking, hunting, gardening, and fishing. 

Fishing is what we Alaskans do best and so on my first day back home, that's precisely where my dad took me.

It was a picture perfect day on the water. The sky was clear, the sun was out, and the ocean was calm except for the curvy swells our boat dipped into.

It was swell (pun intended).

The fishing wasn't as such. Aside from me bringing in two teeny 'buts and one heinous looking Irish Lord, we were getting severely robbed.

I have never been a participant in such a robbery before. We went through a TON of bait and despite seasoned fishing techniques, we were unsuccesful in reeling them in. It was like they were mutant fish that had evolved into avoiding getting caught.

Great for them, but not great for us!

Despite being burglarized by 'buts, we had a wonderful afternoon on the water. All four volcanos were visible (Douglas, Augustine, Iliamna, and Redoubt) and I was smack dab in the middle of one of the prettiest places on earth: in Kachemak Bay on the Proud Mary.  




Captain Krull, driving in style...


Mt. Iliamna providing a surreal backdrop...


Though we would never dare keep them, Irish Lords sure are fun to look at!


Though my 'but may be small, it's still a keeper! ;)


A pod of otters bidding us fairwell...