Thanks a Bunch.

Having finally just recovered from a most memorable birthday, I can now sit down with you, a little wiser, and a little older. 

Okay, getting older doesn't feel much different. 

I was twenty-two, now I'm twenty-three, and all that's different is that my tolerance for alcohol consumption went up a little, boys still disappoint me (like that lame tall guy that asked for my number and then proceeded to never text me), and that having good friends makes for one hell of a party.

See, normally for my birthday, I go fishing. Typical Alaskan, am I right?

But this year was different. I was out on my own, I was an adult, and I wanted to celebrate me.

I'm not typically someone who goes out for her own birthday, but I was feeling spontaneous, a little rebellious, and I wanted to toast this birthday with old and new friends alike. 

So we went out. We ate, drank, laughed, and had a marvelous evening together and it honestly felt so good to be surrounded by people that have become my friends in just a few short months of being here (as well as the old).

And it was a ball.

So I thank you bunches for helping me slide into my twenty-third year with all the grace, confidence, and tipsy giggling a girl like me could ask for.

I'm excited to see what the year has in store...