Fresh Air.

There's nothing more Alaskan than waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a family of moose devouring what's left of your summer landscaping. That, plus the sound of moose mating calls.

When I was so rudely awakened, I couldn't help but think "You moose be kidding me."

The signal of summer's end is unfortunately upon us. I must retire my shorts (most of them unworn), my tank tops, my lovely spaghetti strap dresses, and instead transition to the inevitable season's change and my winter wardrobe.

My body is apparently not ready for such a change too, because this past week, I have been a bit under the weather, utilizing every spare minute to nap my cold away.

Leave it to some fresh crisp autumn weather to cure me of my illness though. It took one return to our garden, one hour spent picking the remaining raspberries that the moose hadn't yet trampled (yes, they jumped the fence and went so far as to stomp on my precious berries!) to make me feel better.

So while the change of seasons put me under the weather, at the same time, it cured me too. A reminder of how unpredictable and stubborn Mother Nature can be, but generous and healing as well.