Stormy Weather.

It seems that every time an earthquake occurs, I'm sitting still in my bed. Which means that I can really feel the earth's strength rocking my house.

But earthquakes in Alaska shouldn't come as a surprise. On average, Alaska boasts 40,000 earthquakes per year. In fact, 75% of all earthquakes in the United States over magnitude 5 happen in Alaska

That's a lot of earth shaking.

I have to say, it's one of the more terrifying sensations I've felt. Fear grips you and you're completely susceptible to Mother Nature's moods.

So that happened yesterday, this mere 4.2 quake.

Then I wake today, to yet another side of stormy weather. Instead of quakes though, we received a torrential wet windstorm, one that continues to wail outside.

It's the type of weather that warrants cups of hot tea and shelter on the cosy couch. 

And..... A bright bomb outfit.  

I'm a big believer in the power of color and how it can influence a person's mood.

I know summer is near its end, and knowing the weather would be pour (pun intended), I chose an outfit that would not only brighten my day (in the hopes of stretching summer out just a wee bit longer), but other people's as well.  

And it worked! Multiple people noticed and appreciated my effort at bringing color to a stormy weather day.  

All I can do is be hopeful that Mother Nature notices my effort and rewards us with a day of sunshine.

At the very least, she could let off on the earth shaking and rainy windstorms!