I've Fall-en For You.

It's that time of year again and already, I am fall-ing hard.

The trees are slowly undressing themselves from their summer bloom, the mornings are becoming crisper, and the scent of heavenly decay is present every time I step outdoors into the beautiful brilliance.

I simply adore autumn. 

Unfortunately, the season here in Alaska is short, and fall colors are only here for about a week. And this year, we have been bombarded with a torrent of continued rainfall, making it rather difficult to enjoy the scenery.

Until today.

I woke to an incredibly clear crispy cold morning (say that ten times) and throughout the day, the sun shone and there was warmth once again.

I've always had a crush on fall.  

Like the end of tourist season, things get quiet. While the start of the spring season accelerates into summer activity, fall is the wind down into winter hibernation. There's this feeling of tranquility, the slower pace and I am reminded again that it isn't the end of summer, but the start of winter. 

Between the pumpkin spice lattes, warmer wardrobe, colored landscapes, and breath of fresh air, it's easy for me to say that I've fall-en for you, my sweet autumn. 

And although your presence here is short, know that you made a memorable impact on one very adoring tall girl...