Moves on Monday.

I should just be upfront: I'm behind and it's because my nights have ended with a drink in my hand and my feet sore from dancing.

What can I say? When in London...  

Added on though, it's also tough to stay updated when I can't even keep up with my journal! Vacation is about putting down your devices and taking a look at the world around you, free from obligation and worry. This time though, I've found some spare time (and a glass of sherry to keep me on track), so let's catch up.  

Monday started with a spook.  

Upon my reccomendation, we made our way to the London Bridge and experienced a rather historical fright at the London Bridge Experience. Quite a way to start the day!  

With the entire day ahead of us, I led the group through Borough Market (stopping of course for Pimm's), along the bank, and across to Embankment. They purchased  Oyster cards and because it was already so close, we walked over to Covent Garden to find some lunch. 

We did, and it was at a most perfect pub, complete with fancy bar, old time decor, music, and costume, and classic English food (fish and chips).  

From there, we popped into Kate Spade (and popped out, with bags, of course) and returned to the hotel to get ourselves dolled up for the evening.  

Showtime at the Savoy! 

We were seeing "Dreamgirls." 

Tears, laughter, goosebumps, and shivers, the show was nothing less of sensational.  

So you'd think the night would end there, right? Well, Kate wanted to experience the London night life and seeing as how I had once lived here, I knew of a few places. 

We ended up going to the Roxy, a student club where we danced the night (and most of the morning) away.  

Lots of moves on Monday, yeah?  



Pimm's O'Clock?


A fine pub indeed: Mr. Fogg's Tavern! 


Kate has been enjoying all the wine-ing since arriving...


For me? Fancy cocktail.  


Classic fish 'n chips..


Let the show begin!