"Lazy" Sunday.

The day began with an excellent reccomendation from the rest of the crew: care to sleep in an hour longer? 

Well, if you insist!  

After an enormous English style breakfast, complete with beans on toast, we hit the streets of London. Course, we had to move at a snail's pace across the Westminster Bridge due to all the tourists, but once we made it safely to the other side, it was onward to the National Gallery. 

Situated proudly in Tralfalgar Square, this was a place I had not visited whilst living here, so I was more than excited to tour the many rooms of art.  

Camera in hand, art eyes on, I proceeded to walk with Kate and explore the various galleries. 

While not exactly stingy art purveyors, Kate and I did observe said works of art as the curious young women we were, appreciating what we liked, and having an inner chuckle at those that didn't quite meet our fancy. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, we both learned quite a bit and had ourselves a grand time.  

Lunch came immediately after, and I took them to the cafe in the iconic Harrods. We dined on afternoon tea, scones, and a lite bite. 

It sure gave us enough power to move on though because the next thing I knew, we were walking out of Ted Baker with big bags in our arms. Looks like I converTED another one....  

So much to do and see in one day!

Naturally, all that observing, walking, talking, shopping, and eating had us quite tired, and so we took a late nap before a final dinner at Las Iguanas, once again located on Southank. 

And the night is not yet over, so who knows what we'll do in the remaining hours....  

Oh, and did I mention the sensational weather we had today? 


Having to meander through this was no easy task, let me tell you!  


You would find me staring at the cat painting..  


Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" were a favorite of Kate's... 


This particular exhibit was recommended to us by one of the museum guards, upon hearing our somewhat... Feminist chatter. We were discussing the beauty of the woman in the above photo (and subsequent talk of "beauty" through the ages) and how she wasn't looking at herself in the mirror, but the viewer, and the man told us to head to the Sunley Room. 

The below depictions represent  "beauty" and in this particular culture, women were portrayed as having mustaches and chest hair. Just goes to show how beauty is all interpretive! 


Lastly, Leonardo da Vinci's The Virgin of the Rocks ...A most spectacular way to end the tour.


Tea time!  


Or as I like to call it: par-tea time!  


Harrods, you never disappoint.  


And Ted? Well. I'm proud to admit that yes, I am addicTED.