Goin' Up, On a Tuesday.

Do they mean late night or early morning? Either way, both were filled with being out on the town. 

I just so happened to sleep in past noon yesterday, which I don't do often, if at all! But Kate and I were dancing hard until the wee hours of the morning, so I had some recuperating to do.  

When I woke, the crew had already left for the British Museum, but by my bedside table were a banana and a chocolate crossaint. So I devoured the two and with my cans on, made my way to the museum, on foot. 

Trusting my instincts and appearing ever so confident, I managed to make the half hour walk from Waterloo to the museum all without Google Maps. I sure remember my way around!

Anyhow, by the time I arrived, the hour was singing lunchtime, so we ended up eating upstairs at the restaurant, where I had the best medicine to a late night: coffee.  

Afterwards, Kate and I were left on our own and so I took her on the 390 bus over to Marble Arch Station, where we walked my ever so familiar route through Hyde Park and onwards to Knightsbridge.  

The day was warm, and so we opted for an uber on the way back, for we had yet another show to attend.  

For the third time: "Book of Mormon." 

Stomach sore from laughter and hunger at the end of the show, Kate and I ended up popping into the Shake Shack for a late night bite, where I quite literally inhaled a burger and shake.  

Now the plan after was to head home, but because we were two tall fine looking specimens, we were approached by various promoters on the street, to go into different clubs.  

Offered free entry and drinks, we accepted their invitations, only to find that the crowd wasn't really our cup of tea.  

Nor the music.  

Nor the service.  

Nor the dancing!  

It all felt very artificial and arranged, to be honest.  

But we got free drinks, so we couldn't really wine (pun intended).    

So in the end, we were "Goin' up, on a Tuesday..." 


"Say hello to my little friend." 

-Al Cap-puccino


Of course we made a stop at Serpentine, for Hyde Park isn't the same without it! 


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