Good to be Back.

I never thought in a million years that I would be returning so soon to a city I had just said goodbye to. 

Texhnically, it was more of a "see you later" kind of attitude when I left and it sure paid off because seven months later, I have returned to the magnificent city of London.  

It all started with an invitation. My dearest friend Kate, whom I met my junior year whilst studying in Arizona, called me up one afternoon and asked if I would like to join her and her family on a trip to the UK.  

Need you even ask? YES!  

The months flew and before I knew it, the time had come where my bag had to be packed and my old Oyster card fished out.  

Then yeatersay, we hopped on the plane (well, more like sardine canned ourselves in the aisle) and flew 10 hours across the pond.  

I have to say, it was quite surreal. Familiar landmarks passed me by, as well as streets that I had frequented with my roommate, all less than a year ago! 

It's only been the first day, and although we were beyond exsausted from our extensive traveling, I felt thrilled at being back in this great city I once called home, a city I can now share with those who are so dear. 

London, it's good to be back.  


As it was the Miller's first time abroad, tourist spots were on the list to hit up, and today, we visited the bustling Portebello Market... 


And took classic photos in front of the iconic colored flats!  


Dinner was back at one of my favorite restaurants on Southbank, Cafe Vergnano. We ordered Secret Garden cocktails and let the night be-gin.


Not quite yet ready to call it a night, Kate and I wandered across the Waterloo Bridge and made our way around to Big Ben, so handsome in the evening light.  


I have to say, Ben has been one of my favorite dates. This is the third time I've come to visit him across the ocean and he's always so very punctual and on time. 🕰 


Until tomorrow lovies! 

This girl is in dire need of some beauty sleep...