Pretty Purple Plants.

Sometimes, we've received chocolates from Hawaii.

Other times, we've been given generous tips and kind compliments.

But recently, the baristas at the coffee shop where I work have been generously gifted with fresh bouquets of lilacs from one of our regulars.

Oh they're simply stupendous.

Fragrant and beautiful in color, the more time I spent around them, the more inspired I became by these little pretty purple plants.

So it came as no surprise to me that I stumbled across a ravishing recipe on Pinterest when I was searching for fun summer cocktails. Instead of lilacs, however, it incorporated another pretty purple plant: lavender.

Well I simply had to try it!  So I zipped up a lovely purple '60's dress, tied a tulle bow in my hair, and gleefully went to the grocery store to pick up said ingredients.

Whilst shopping, I also came across a matching purple donut that made me double take in the pastry aisle. I simply couldn't pass it up! You donut ever pass up on those.

Donuts, blackberry lavender champagne cocktails, and one marvelous purple dress made for quite an enjoyable evening indeed.

Ain't it neat when you get inspired by the littlest of things?

Who knew the power of those pretty purple plants?