Write On.

It was whilst showing my mom her first TED talk today that I inevitably became inspired.

Rupi Kaur, author of my favorite book milk and honey began the talk by opening her heart in a very raw manner, sharing the trauma and break in of her home/body. Her story, about crying Niagara Falls and wanting to end her life, so dramatically turned around when her heart whispered to her write the book.

And she was saved.

Writing has a way of doing that, I think.

I recently completed my forty-third journal, and that doesn't include the plethora of other subjects I cover in separate journals, such as travel, performing, working, and dreams.

Writing in a journal has been part of my life since the third grade, when I was encouraged by my teacher to keep record of what I did on vacation (hiking the Grand Canyon). Since then, I've written in a journal every single day.

Mostly, it's my thoughts. Aside from recording what I do on a daily basis, I share my feelings, observations, hopes, fears, crushes (these are the funniest to read back on), and emotions I'm currently experiencing.

Writing in my journal has made me a devoted and dedicated writer. Not only are those traits helpful in other areas of my life, but they've helped shape who I'm becoming. More importantly, however, is my takeaway from writing.

While I don't write from such a dark place like Rupi, I do write from the heart and it doesn't matter where you're coming from, as long as it's from within.

My biggest lesson from writing in a journal, besides the anticipation of re-reading them when I'm old (I had a crush on who??), is that expressing myself in my most vulnerable state has allowed me to become extremely self-aware. As I do with most writing, no matter if I start in a sour, mad, or depressed state of mind, I always end on a good note. Writing things down forces me to see the better picture and I end up inevitably finding peace with myself and seeing a solution to whatever problem I'm facing.

Writing is a way of expressing yourself, just like dance, or speech, and it is a part of me that I will continue to nurture and improve upon.

It's my greatest passion and I'm finally at a place in my life where I'm starting to think hey, maybe I can make a career out of this.

Until then, I'll write on.