All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go.

I think that one of the most common questions I've received since being home, besides the obvious So what are your plans next? are Why are you so dressed up?

But that's nothing new. I've been asked that since my days in grade school, where my most regular compliment was that I looked like a mom. Thank you?

In high school, my peers would go out of their way to comment on my attire if I was wearing something as normal as jeans. Elan! You dressed normal today! Thank you?

I've always had a propensity for dressing up and standing out. I stand six feet two inches and I've always celebrated my height, as well as my love for dressing up. Trip to the grocery store? Let me throw on a fur. Headed to the theatre for a movie? Let me find my black heels.

It's been like this for quite some time and although I'm back in Alaska for the time being, the cold weather and "Alaskan style" hasn't affected my adoration for donning my best vintage and curling my hair for no reason at all.

Take last night for instance. We purchased tickets for an auction raising money for a local baseball team and I showed up as I always do: high heels, vintage dress, curled hair, proper accessories, and one such fur wrapped about my shoulders. All about me, Alaskans looked on in confusion. I was surrounded by a sea of Extra Tuff, jeans, and Carharrt jackets. Course, there were a few brave souls like mine who dressed up as well, but for the most part, I definitely stood out.

It's one of my favorite feelings in the world! And being told I look like a Disney princess just made me feel like a million dollars indeed.

Perhaps I inspired someone to dress up for the next occasion around, or maybe I gave a few North Road Alaskans a chuckle. Either way, I encourage you to dress how you want to and to not give a darn about feeling overdressed.

Honey, there's no crime in being dressed up with nowhere to go. If it makes you happy, like it does me, then slip on those stilettos, zip up that vintage beaded top, and make your day at home a memorable one.

Also. Happy Birthday to Dad!