A bit late on the bandwagon, but I finally got around to reading founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso's book #GIRLBOSS.

My dear friend from San Francisco bestowed upon me a few books on my departure from the city last year, and among them was this autographed treasure.

It wasn't the first time I had heard of Nasty Gal. Attending fashion school in the near vicinity of Nasty Gal's headquarters, there were plenty of presentations and social media hubbub about her and her company. I remember distinctly being hesitant about the name and not wanting to be obsessed with something everyone else was obsessing over, I moseyed along and thought nothing of it.

Until now.

Needing inspiration in this particular time in my life, I sat in front of my bookshelf and pulled out a few untouched books dying to be read and understood.

Essentially, it's her story, how she went from selling clothing on eBay to creating a very successful $100 million dollar company. Sophia's telling is very... rough around the edges, and she's very much the quintessential #GIRLBOSS. Full of advice, quotes, drawings, and even a few throwback pictures, it's most certainly an enlightening read.

In fact, it kind of opened up my eyes. In particular, she touched upon one of my favorite subjects: power of positive thinking.

"We control our thoughts and our thoughts control our lives. It's the age-old concept of like attracts like, or the law of attraction. You get back what you put out, so you might as well think positively, focus on visualizing what you want instead of getting distracted by what you don't want, and send the universe your good intentions so it can send them right back."

I've spent a lot of time as of late perseverating over what I'm going to do in the future, what job I should apply for, blah blah blah. What I've failed to realize, however, is that my mindset was stuck in negative-ville and that nothing good was coming my way because 1.) I wasn't thinking positively 2.) nothing good comes your way when you don't put in any hard work.

That being said, not only am I inspired immensely to do something about my current situation, but I'm in the process of starting a very exciting chapter, one that I've been most passionate about and one that I thought to "put on the backburner" until I got some experience.

But you see, the best time is now. The will to create something that mirrors my passion can't be put on hold and I believe that this is the time for me to finally start the journey to becoming my very own #GIRLBOSS.

My experience and temporary rejection is all part of the journey. All things are happening for a reason and it's all helping me find out who I truly am, what I want, and how I'm going to achieve it...

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