The Power of Style.

Growing up, I had always been one of those girls who made sure to stress the importance of style versus fashion. My peers at school would tell me I looked "fashionable" and while I appreciated the compliment, I couldn't help but mentally correct them stylish.

Again and again, I was told that 'no, both style and fashion were one and the same', but of course my fellow Alaskans didn't know that there were monumentally drastic difference between those very two separate words.

I have always been promoting the power of style.

I believe there is something insanely powerful about dressing. Because it's so much more than putting clothes onto your body.

Style editor for the TODAY show Bobbie Thomas quotes in her book: Style is a way we speak to the world without words.

Whether we realize it or not, style is an echo of who we are, and whatever image we align on the outside should perfectly reflect what's on the inside. 

I get told again and again by individuals that they don't care about putting effort into their appearance. There's this belief that it doesn't matter, especially up here, like, who are they trying to impress? (UM. Yourself?) They've essentially succumbed to the mentality that appearance doesn't matter and according to Bobbie Thomas, you've then agreed that your voice doesn't deserve to be heard.

We've unfortunately been programmed to believe that it's selfish to want to take time and effort on our appearance. But in reality, we're just expressing who we are. We're telling the world that we care, that by putting time into how we look, we're strengthening the bond between who we are and how we can best radiate that.

See, the brilliant difference between style and fashion is that fashion gets imposed onto you, whereas style is drawn out of you, because your personal style is your brand. It's your essence, your voice, and gosh danggit, it deserves to be heard. 

Unlike fashion, style doesn't go in and out of favor because it's yours and will stay with you always, changing with you as you grow as an individual. 

Stylish people understand exactly who they are and how to express that, each of them a unique, complete, and brilliant package in which the outside perfectly matches the inside.

So you take the time to make your bed, to clean your dishes, to pick toys up from the floor, right? Because the appearance of your home matters. Why can't we take the time to care of ourselves then? 

Imagine how much stronger we would be, confident and assured individuals, if only we took the time to figure out who we are and how to best reflect it.