Surprise, Surprise.

After careful and meticulous planning, my dad and I successfully pulled off a surprise visit to see my sister perform in South Dakota, in the show "The Marvelous Wonderettes."

Things lined up perfectly, I must say. I sent timed photos of the cat to my sister (to trick her), and we had this genius meetup at an antique store, where my mom (who was already there) was supposed to meet "someone."

So after the brutal red eye flight, my dad and I snuck into this store, where my sister was in the dressing room trying on clothes, and we simply went "surprise surprise!"

There were tears, of course. Hugs all around and the sensation was priceless cause she hadn't suspected a thing!

From there, we saw not one, but two of her shows, which were thoroughly entertaining.

It was an incredibly short trip where I feel like I spent more hours traveling then actually in Vermillion, but it was well worth it.

To see how much she's grown as a performer brings tears to my eyes! There's my sister, second year in college, in a lead role in a very wonderful production. It brought back memories from when we performed together back in the day, and I was reminded how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to see her in a production, one in which she did so well in.

Truly, what a marvelous and wonderful performance Alyeska...

We've got Mom, Grandma, star "Cindy Lou", myself, and Pops..

What a supportive boyfriend!

And the cast of "The Wondrous Marvelettes"!