This is the second day in a row that I have accompanied my mom on two very important business meetings.

I mostly went due to the promise of coffee and an opportunity to dress business chic. Any occasion to get out of the house!

While most of the conversation went completely over my head (something about s-corp, joint ventures, and trust funds), I nodded my head and gave the impression of professional understanding and interested observer.

Mostly, I daydreamed and tried to wrap my head around the fact that I quite literally had no idea what they were talking about.

Then I realized something. This is what adulting looks and feels like.

Over the past few years, I've slowly started the transition into adulthood (whatever that really means). Filling out my own tax returns, taking the car in for service, applying for jobs, determining what the best move for me was as far as careers go, that sort of thing.

However. Living at home with a mom who's in the process of putting a coffee shop into a train car and a dad who never ceases an opportunity to photobomb my pictures really puts this whole adult thing into perspective.

They say the trick is to grow up without growing old. To grow into yourself, yet never lose your imagination, creativity, and passion. Adulthood doesn't mean discarding those things. To me, it means embracing them and fitting them in to whatever career path you chose.

There are times, I admit, when I feel that I'm a little kid trying to start her business in the world and all the adults look down on me and in condescending tones tell me my idea is "cute." But then there are days, like today, when our family's attorney acknowledges my presence at a meeting and after hearing about my project, applauds me for following my dream.

It's all about balance. And as my best friend Whitney titles her photo album: time to start adulting {kinda}. I'm blessed to live in a home that embraces both entrepreneurial spirit and downright goofy creativity.

Who says adulting can't be fun?

I wasn't joking when I told you my dad likes to photobomb!