Lookin' Good. Feline Lucky.

It's uncanny how I was just talking about timing and how being at home is where I'm meant to be right now.

Because the next day, I ended up winning a trip to Mexico and $1000 playing a game of luck at a Hospice auction I attended with my parents.

Where did that even come from!

And it was a heads or tails game, so it's not like any skills were involved. 100% chance and somehow, I miraculously managed to get down to the top four (in a game of about seventy), and won to the ecstatic cheering of my mom and dad when tails was the winner.

It's wild to me, how things work like that. I think the only other time I had ever won something (at all) was at my graduation party in San Francisco when I won an Anthropologie mug, and I thought then that I was rolling in the dough! Last night, I was literally rolling in the dough, and I had a free trip to Mexico alongside it.

I was given a chance last night, encouraged by my mom to take part in the game ("But Mom, I never win!") and something perfect turned out because of it.

You just never know when life's gonna throw you something worth holding onto. Best be sure you're dressed for the part!

Lookin' good, feline lucky...

Winner #106! What an enjoyable evening with the fam.