Shakin' the Blues.

I started my day a little bit on the frisky side.

I dressed up in my vintage finest, told Mom to clear my schedule (like I have one..) and went off to have lunch at Mykel's. I promptly ordered a Devil's Club martini, saucy indeed, and we enjoyed a long lunch together.

It felt very much like Mad Men. My mom told me I should cherish this break that I have to myself, this time without bills to pay, prepared meals, chauffeured service, sleeping in, and lazy days in negligees, but I scoffed and told her it would continue to happen...Someday in the future!

She is right though, time and time again. She's like my conscience, always there to lift me out of the dumps, with a cup of coffee and a helping hand. Especially on winter days that start with rain. Rain! Talk about weather to make you blue.

Well, I took it literally today and donned an outfit in shades of blue in the hopes of poking jest at my occasional dip into the blues. As much as I adore and cherish this break, I can't help but feel anxious sometimes at the uncertainty of my future. What I have to remember, and what my mom continues to remind me, is that life takes its time and I mind as well enjoy each and every day and take it for what it is.

So in the meantime, I mind as well have a good time, shakin' the blues...

What I wore: mint Aerie sunglasses, mint sea glass earrings (handmade in AK), turquoise Lilli Ann swing coat (antique store), beaded knitted sweater (consignment), brown high-waisted vintage Promenade skirt (consignment), sparkly Kate Spade fishnet tights, brown BCBG ankle boots (consignment), and mint handbag (consignment).