Power of Lipstick.

I was very much inspired by none other than the wise Coco Chanel.

Addressing a particular feeling of sadness, something that I have felt a bit these last few weeks in apt anticipation, I felt challenged and encouraged when I first read the quote. 

If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack.

Now for some reason, that stuck with me. I've been struggling for ways to plow through those doubtful thoughts running through my head and out of all the solutions, this one hit a chord with me.

You know what? It works! Of course, I added in some high heels because there's nothing better than being even taller than I already am, but I felt such bossiness running through my veins and I went through the day confident and without negativity.

Sometimes, you need a little swift kick in the britches to get your head on straight again. And who better to listen to than Chanel?

You feel boss, and you look good doin it.

My red lips also happened to attract the attention of a certain someone in the supermarket today, and I ended up leaving with a beary loveable Valentine named Beary. See? The power of lipstick is real.

The Alaskan solution to wearing heels in the winter? Sorrel solved that with their epic waterproof booties.

What I wore: black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment), glass prism earrings (vintage), black Lilly Ann vintage coat (Mom's), red rhinestone Rose Bowl pin (antique), black LAmade undershirt (consignment), white lace Prada button vest (consignment), black Lycee leggings, check J Crew socks, and black Sorrel ankle boots (Nordstrom Rack).