Bad Girls.

I stumbled upon a gem of a book the other day whilst having lunch in town. I was perusing the tables, contentment sitting in my stomach (pie can do that to you), and the cover caught my eye.

"Bad Girls Throughout History." 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World.  Yes please!

I only flipped through it's pages briefly before buying it and taking it home with me. I couldn't resist!

This is a must read. For women, for men, for anyone who's compelled to read about some pretty wicked women who broke through barriers and inspired others to follow suit.

What intrigues me about this particular book, besides reading about inspiring women of all eras, ethnicities, and professions, is that it's a call to action book.

The author, Ann Shen, explains that to be a dubbed a "bad girl" entails breaking any socially accepted rule. To be bad is to rewrite the rules, and to make a dent in that glass ceiling. It's a book that educates and inspires, with beautiful illustrations alongside it.

I get excited just looking at it, and I've learned so much about women and what they went through to stand up for what they believed in!

Like Lilith, Adam's lesser-known first wife. She was rejected from mention in the Bible because she refused to be subservient to Adam (he wanted her to lie beneath her, she insisted on laying beside him to be equal). "Kicked out of paradise for demanding equality."

Or there's Lady Godiva! When an additional tax was implemented to help pay for the king's guard, she pleaded with her husband Leofric (who levied the tax) to lift it, only to be challenged to ride through town naked. What did she do? She rode through town naked, with her golden hair as cover, and then the tax was lifted. "Rode horseback covered only in her hair."

It just inspires me profusely! I mean, (wo)man. We cannot forget these incredible female figures, and we must learn from their strong behavior and determination, and continue to add to this female legacy.

And we must educate! I asked my dad this evening if he could guess five female influential figures in this book, and after immediately joking "Wait, there were over 100?", he came up with a whopping three. Three!

Remember, you are never too old, too small, or too late to live the life you're meant to lead...

 Future editor and current coffee lover...

One of my favorite icons of all time (Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel), one who quite stylishly shattered the glass ceiling of women's fashion, stays with me everyday...

A few teasing quotes...

Edith Head..

 And Maya Angelou..

Then there's me. "Drink more coffee!"