Winter Women's March.

I woke first to the smell of a homemade breakfast a-brewing, then to the snowy sight that smiled at me from outside.

Now this is how a weekend should begin!

There was no way we were staying indoors on a day like today and so as the sun reached it's highest point in the sky, we zipped over to Headquarters Lake on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Tucked away from the main road, you just have to walk a few minutes down the trail before coming to the edge of a massive frozen lake: open, and ours for the taking.

Sure, there were a few cross country skiers and fellow walkers, but for the most part, we had empty snow ahead of us just waiting for a fresh pair of new tracks to grace its surface.

Perfect day for spending the time with family, as well as enjoying the great outdoors.

It also happened to be Women's March Day, so yay for women! I myself did my part in tromping through the wilderness with snow in my hair, appreciating nature and those whom I was with, a confident, but more importantly, a happy woman.

That, to me, is what the Women's March is about. Reveling in the awesomeness that is womanhood, empowering your sisters, and spreading the happiness of who you are. And while the march was one day, womanhood should be celebrated each and every day, because you are a woman every day and that is cause enough to celebrate!

What a splendid sunny day...

As it was also Anton's last day home *sad face*, I obliged to his request to face plant into the snow. I have to say, it was well worth it!

This creates an entire new meaning to the word "snowpants."