Un-bear-ably Sweet.

It was definitely a Three Kleenex movie.

Years ago, I did a monologue about the types of movies that involve crying.

There's the Misty Movies, the Tricklers, and then my favorite: the Three Kleenex movies.

In a Three Kleenex movie, all pretense at controlling my tears is abandoned. Whether I'm at a friend's house, in the privacy of my home, or at a movie theatre, these types of movies bring out the waterfall just waiting to burst over the edge of the cliff and all down my face. 

I recently went with a friend to see the newest Christopher Robin film at the theatre and we weren't one minute into the film when tears began their descent down my cheeks. It was only the opening credits and I already knew it was going to be a Three Kleenex type of film.

I grew up with Pooh. 

I had a Pooh bear whom I slept with (and still  do), I had Winnie the Pooh sheets, wall decorations, knick knacks, and there are many fond memories in which my sister and I spent hours in the playroom watching Winnie the Pooh on repeat whilst sitting on our foldout airplane couch. 

So I knew going in that it was going to affect me, hit me in the feels, and bring back nostalgic memories from childhood.

It accomplished that, yes, but it also touched on subjects deeper than classic childhood longing.

It touched on love, family, growing up, and happiness, all the key ingredients to a wonderful life lived. 

Every time Pooh spoke something heartwarmingly simple and wise, I wept with a smile on my face because even though he's just a "silly old bear with very little brains", he knows how to be happy, and that translates into all areas of life. 

Growing up doesn't mean forgetting about the things that bring you the most joy, like playing in the woods with your friends catching a Heffalump, or holding onto a red balloon. It means growing wiser, braver, stronger, and then passing those qualities and values off to your children.

Christopher Robin was a children's movie made for adults. And while there was an exciting "expotition" that was definitely for the benefit of the children who watched, the film to me, touched me in the deeper, more sensitive parts of my heart. 

Thus the Three Kleenex's I had on deck.

It was an un-bear-ably sweet movie and I left remembering this: my life is happening right now and it’s so important to keep in touch with who I am and what makes me most happy. 

Per Pooh’s advice: treat yourself to something sweet (honey, in Pooh's case), live your life with ex-pooh-berant energy, and remember, “people say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day..”