What Happens When You Go Out.

My day began as a witness to a “love at first sight” encounter.  

I had just rolled into Placerville the evening before for a holiday excursion, and after a marvelous breakfast at The Argonaut, I proceeded with my morning doing the one activity I enjoy most: shopping.  

So there I was, already collecting a handful of items, and in the store with me were two infatuated singles who were getting to know each other, complete with number exchanging and obvious flirtation.  

The handsome Brad Pitt left after giving his number to her and when he was gone, the gal at the front desk melted.  

We proceeded to gab, two single ladies in very different places in our lives (her being a 46 yr old single mother, and me being a 22 yr old struggling young adult) over the fact that this cutie came in. 

From there, I scored not one, not two, but ten items ranging from a ‘40’s dress to cute summer tops, all a wicked price.  

Bags in the car, and comments behind me connecting the dots between my Tall 1 plates and the driver of my car, I continued my shopping spree. 

All by myself on this picture perfect 85 degree Californian day, I then found a priceless vintage Japanese souvenir jacket for a record low price at the old movie theatre now converted antique store.  

I went down the street to Maddywag’s, had a meaningful conversation with the owner about relationships with mothers (whom I wished more than anyone to be here shopping with me), then walked out with two very relevant pieces of inspiring stationary.  

Sun on my skin and arms laden with shopping bags, I ended the excursion on Main Street with an orange cardamom latte from Totem Coffee.  

This all happened within the course of a few hours and I could not believe, still can’t believe, how delightful my day had gone. 

Everything just went my way and it’s been awhile since that’s happened. 

Don’t get me wrong, there have been good days, but this was a GREAT day and it has been long overdue.  

See, on my days off (I should say “day” off), I often find myself isolated at home, in my room, under the comfort of my covers. And I sit there and mull over why I’m unhappy, why I have few friends, why I’m conflicted about my image, or hungry all the time.   

It’s because I don’t go out and experience the world around me. I seclude myself with my thoughts, which often make me feel bad about myself and it’s this vicious cycle that I feel I can’t change.

Except I can change it.  

Like I did so today.  

And look what happened because of it! I met some neat people, was an outside participant in a possible new relationship, got some new treasures (retail thereapy is the best), and learned that the possibilities for happiness  are endless when I decide to get out of my head and go out into the world, as safe as it feels to stay home in my bed sometimes.

I end up feeling better, I never know who I might meet, and I never know what I’ll find. Maybe that’s a vintage gown for $20, or maybe it’s something more: a feeling, one of those good feelings that make you understand just how valuable it is to go out.