KitTea Time.

I've been passing by this place every weekend and am astonished at how long it took me to take the time to go in.

Every weekend as I made my journey to and from the Bart station at Civic Center to Relic Vintage up in Haight, I passed by this window and somehow resisted the temptation of multiple cats staring back at me and beckoning for me to come inside.

Well if there's one thing I can't resist it's temptation and today, I put on my cat earrings, booked an appointment, and finally visited KitTea Cat Café.

Located on Gough Street, KitTea happens to be the first cat café in San Francisco and the first established cat café in America, and is home to twenty-two precious and friendly cats.

Since moving back to the Bay Area without the constant love and adoration of my cat Fudge, I've been feline a bit lonely. 

(prepare for lots of cat puns)

And every week I've tortured myself by peering at those friendly feline faces without busting a move and I just felt that today, on one of my rare days off, I deserved a treat. 

Pouring myself a cup of tea, I spent an hour of my afternoon surrounded by cats. 

Sleeping cats, cats who wanted to play, cats who looked longingly out the window, one eyed cats, skinny cats, fat cats, and one very cool cat (which would be myself). 

An hour of zen and relaxation in an environment that most people assume is for sad lonely cat ladies. 

Ok, yes, I am a sad and lonely cat lady, but I felt no shame in going by myself because I was doing it for me. And it's something that made me feel good about myself and honestly, I did something for the cats too, who are all sanctuary cats that probably desire my attention as much as I desire theirs.

It was the purrrrfect decision to make and I know I'll be back.