Coffee Shop.

There are some days when you can't keep up with how many times you feel you must change your outfit. One occasion leads to another and by the end of the night, clothes scatter around your room in happy abandon. 

And then there are other days when you can't shed the robe that clings to your body, for leaving the house is as obscure a thought as any.

I was in between the two the other day until an opportunity made itself present for me to dress up and make a social appearance outside of my apartment. 

Coffee, but of course.

But this time, it was spiked with my fabulous friend Baileys.

How delicious does that sound?

After slipping into proper clothes and picking up my roomie from Nordstrom, we made our way down Locust Street to our new cherished coffee shop: Coffee Shop.

A neighborhood type joint, Coffee Shop has a little something for everyone during all parts of the day. Coffee in the morning, smoothies and avocado toast for lunch, then a little something special during that period of the day between coffee and cocktails.

It's less than a half mile away from our place and it's a total gem, for it not only satiates my caffeine cravings, but it's a real local's hangout and it provides me with a chance to make my one social appearance on those days when I can't seem to slip out of my robe and step outside of my door. 

Man, coffee really does make life complete, doesn't it? I know my previous posts have all been centrally and conveniently rotating around said subject, so there must be something special there between me and this heavenly brew, a relationship that only grows stronger by the day.

And the night now!

Thanks to Baileys.