Off Track.

I was trying to think of a good way to start this post, but I kept getting sidetracked.

I had my cat trying to claim territory on my lap, there was an especially exciting Warriors vs. Thunder basketball game raging in the background... and already I forget what I'm talking about.

It seems that I keep losing my train of thought. 

See, today was brew@602's official Grand Opening with Frames & Things up at Whistle Hill. 

We had Conductor Joe greeting everyone onboard, a fantastic Brew Crew keeping everything on track, spontaneous dancing, giveaways, and even a celebratory champagne smashing. 

It was popping.

And even through the mad rushes, spilled coffee, and the few grumpy customers that come with working at a coffee shop, I left work with a smile, appreciative to be part of an environment that has helped me grow and allowed me to enjoy my job these last few months in Alaska, not as an obligation, but as a positive experience. 

That's what I've enjoyed so much about being at 602. There are moments where I'm waiting on a perfectly measured 26 second shot, that I look around at this renovated train car and feel this sense of pride at being part of the ride. 

More important than pride though is that I always look forward to going to work, not because I'm scheduled to, or because I need to "make dat money", but because I genuinely enjoy being there. My passion is making coffee, providing a memorable experience to fellow coffee lovers, and being there every day seeing all of my family's hard work coming to life for the community.  

I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been able to express my creativity and humor (and propensity to use puns) in many areas of the business, and it has inspired me to further my search in the creative field, as I know that's where I'm meant to be. 

My penchant for standing out comes from my family, and brew@602 is proof enough of that. Yeah, we opened a business that was way off the traditional business track, but that's the track I would rather be riding on.