A Sign.

My look today was inspired by a carwash.

Big sudsey colorful bubbles, the smell of clean soap, and in this particular carwash, a vibrant outside wall in rainbow colors and designs.

See, it's a thing to pose in front of colorful walls. In case you haven't noticed the bombardment of aesthetic walls crowding your Instagram, now you know.

But I'm not one to follow something if it's a "thing." Sure, I love me an artsy wall and appreciate a pop of color on normally boring backdrops, but it's turned into this trend and naturally, I shy away from such things when they're popular. 

Today though, I wanted my picture in front of this carwash I had driven by so many times before and always wished to pose in front of. 

Thinking that day was today, I came prepared in a red ensemble and was met with disappointment. 

First, there were people in the way.

Fine, I'll come back.

Then, the sun was casting funky shadows and it was simply not working.

It was a sign that it simply wasn't meant to be. So we drove around Homer (where this carwash was), trying to scope out another spot, when I got a sign.

No seriously, it was an actual sign. 

And it wasn't a normal sign either.

It had my name on it.

So if this wasn't meant to be, I don't know what is!

Circumstances continually remind me of who I am and my purpose: I'm meant to stand out and not go with the flow.

Instead, I'm meant to find my own funky backdrop... that coincidentally had my name on it. 

And when the universe gives you signs like these? You take pictures in front of them.