Holly Golightly.

Did I ever tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am?

There’s something inherently marvelous about Holly Golightly. She’s classy, stylish, independent, and we all know she throws simply the best parties around.

Well last night, I got to dress like her.

Correction: I got to dress like “Holly” Golightly, which in Elan’s world translates to dressing like the famous screen star but instead of diamonds in her hair (of course, personally, I think It’d be tacky to wear diamonds before I’m forty), she wore holly.

Get it? Holly Golightly?

Please, hold the applause.

It was a generic, average, run of the mill Wednesday night and I had spent the whole day working on playlists, which featured a lot of Henry Mancini, which brought me to dressing like Audrey’s iconic character in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.  

There was no occasion, no party, no date, no people over to share congenial conversation with. It was just me, my (fake) ciggy, and jazz music playing all around.  

If you don’t know by now, I like to dress up, regardless if there’s an occasion or not.  

Dressing up, to me, makes me feel good. And I’ve always believed that you create the occasion to dress up, not the other way around.  

Living in a casual and outdoorsy place like Alaska has taught me that style truly does come from within, not from outside influences. Look where I live! I’m surrounded by Carhartts and Extra Tuffs and I somehow came out wearing a red dress and diamonds.  

Living in Alaska has also allowed me to express my individuality and despite standing out even more here than in San Francisco, London, or even Los Angeles, I feel more comfortable and confident with who I am and how I present that to the world. 

Like Holly Golightly, there’s more to the surface that meets the eye. Both of us use style to represent who we are on the inside and while her goal is to find a place that makes her feel like Tiffany’s, my goal is to find a place that makes me feel as good as being home does.

Which is where I am now.

Looks like we both found a place where we can buy some furniture and give the cat a name.

Still waiting on my Paul Varjak though…