Good in Every Day.

It was the 12th of December and we had been weeks without snow.

As Christmas decor decked the halls, and holiday tunes plagued you wherever you went, Christmas had theoretically arrived and yet there still remained one missing component critical to Alaskan winters:


I nonetheless dressed the spirited part, wrapped my presents, and sent my Christmas cards, patient in understanding that Snow was taking her time.

Well today, she arrived in style.

Big, fat, wet, flakes fell from the sky from morning till night and for the first time, it felt like Christmas was truly here at last.

Snow’s fashionably late arrival made me think of a little quote visible on one of Soldotna’s small business’s marquees.

Every day may not be a good day, but there is good in every day.

Nearly every December, I’m reminded of how fast the month flies by. Somewhere between my transition from kid to adult, time sped up and whilst December used to go by at a snails pace, it now comes and goes before I have time to really appreciate this special time of year.

When it snows, time, for me, slows down. There’s a blissful peacefulness that settles everywhere as the mute flakes fall from the sky and today, it made me stop and really think about time.

When we went those 12 days of December without snow, I focused so much on what Christmas was missing instead of looking around and realizing that the spirit of Christmas was all around me and it took a new pair of eyes to see that.

There was good in every day of December, despite not having snow. And I have to remember to slow down and really appreciate all the good parts about Christmas, whether we have snow or not.

And it looks like we just might have snow…