Fish, Love, and Music.

I've finally just recovered from a weekend full of work. 

And instead of anticipated slow sales, we were graced with the presence of many a traveler on their way to or from Alaska's most "compelling and dynamic" event in the state.

It's dubbed: Salmonfest.

Hey, if it involves Alaska, it's involving our most popular fish!

I myself have never ventured to the Ninilchik campgrounds, even though they're a mere 45 minutes away to attend this iconic Alaskan event. A three day festival of "Fish, Love, and Music", they "emphasize and celebrate the connection of all Alaskans to the fish and waters that provide this magnificent resource."

For awhile, it didn't necessarily appeal to me. Crowds, crowds, more crowds, and not to mention the legalization of pot now available in the state. To me, it sounded like a hippie fest!

But if there's one thing I've learned recently, it's to not judge books by their cover. While I wasn't able to visit due to a working weekend, I was able to interact with fellow fish lovers who had attended.

Between the responses of "totally rad!" and "quite fun", my curiosity piqued and where I once felt distaste for this seemingly hippie festival, I instead felt camaraderie and likeness to these... slightly stinky but very smiling Alaskans.

I'm finding that the more I live here, the more  I interact with these people, and the more time I spend outdoors, the more it clicks in me why folks live here.

It's a special state, that's for sure. It's completely "off the beaten path" (no, literally), and I'm learning to appreciate these people who have, like me, either made the bold move to live here, or have toughed it out since they were born. 

Who knows, maybe I'll venture down to Salmonfest some year and instead of smoking pot, I'll bring along my own salmon and have a puff at that. I think Alaskans would definitely appreciate my humor.

I'll be smoking salmon! Do you get it?


Little shoutout to the sixties! If it's the 50th anniversary of the "Summer of Love" and a celebration of Alaskan's most popular festival, I'm definitely wearing something from the sixties..