Highlight of the Day.

You remember back in school when we were reccomended to use highlighters to mark the items deemed most important in our books?  

Because highlighters stand out. I mean, that's why their colors are bright pink and electric yellow. We used them because they caught our eye.

Using that bit of advice, I decided to incorporate that into my look today. I already stand out, why not highlight the fact?  

We had a social call to make, errands to run in town, and most importantly: I helped my mom with the layout of 602.  

To catch you up to date, my mom is in the process of opening up a coffee shop in an old Alaskan train car (as well as a beer/wine bar in another train car and a depot for an art gallery), and as I happen to have six years of coffee experience and knowledge, I was more than willing to help out where needed.  

So we headed up to Whistle Hill and I proceeded to give advice and imagine the coffee making process in the layout she originally had.  

We changed a few things (it's expected) and we played around and had ourselves some fun in these old choo choos. 

It's interesting how, in the moment, you may not realize how meaningful and special moments seem to you. Then, at the end of the day, as you're looking back and recalling the highlights, you smile and appreciate them for happening.  

Course, they not might match the same feelings one gets when highlighting their homework, but they stand out.

And that's what today was all about.