Sunday in Shorts.

There's no better way to spend Sunday than in shorts.

Especially when your Sunday is the sensational sunny sort that leaves one feeling stupendous.   

This is what summer is really about.

We don't often get to wear shorts here in Alaska and while it's not textbook warm (low seventies), there's something uniquely special about Alaskan sunshine. Maybe it's because we're more north than the rest of the states, closer to the sun, or perhaps it's just the natural landscape surrounding. Whatever it may be, it merits attention, and one cannot make the decision to stay indoors on a day like today!

While I worked most of the morning, I did have time later in the day to lay out in the sun, and I even went over to help Dad stock wood in the woodpile. If I'm living here a little while, I should help out as much as I can! 

Truly, there's no other place in the world I would rather spend my summer in than here at home in Alaska. And apparently, the same goes to the hundreds of thousands of tourists!