Denim on Denim.

There's something inherently classic and nostalgic about denim.

Growing up, I was never much of a denim girl, and whenever I did sport the one pair of jeans I owned at school, I was approached by many and told that I was finally dressing "normal." Whatever that meant!

But it wasn't until I spent a year in San Francisco that I was truly exposed to the heritage and history of true raw denim.

Founded in the mid 1800's by the one and only Levi Strauss, denim was created as the "working man" pant, known for its strength and durability for miners.

Since then, it has taken on many shapes, patterns, dyes, cuts, and styles: from bootleg to capri, light wash to dark, and that boyfriend ripped phase we're all still loving. Some 150 years later, jeans continue to remain a staple in nearly everyone's closet.

Which brings me to yesterday. I'm at work, crafting coffees, and one of my old dance friends comes up to the bar to order her signature hot chocolate. I look up and I notice that she's rocking some serious denim on denim.

She looked so on point. She had on double dark washes and underneath, a simple black leotard, harking back from our dance days together.

Course I had to say something to her, and in return, she thanked me and told me how much it meant to her to hear me say that, coming from the "fashionista".


Well, she inspired me. When I got home, I immediately hunted down my old dance leotards (how they still fit, I do not know) and then found the jean shelf, now overflowing with various pairs I've collected over the years (I now own about fifteen pairs of jeans, mostly vintage, or stolen from my brother's closet).

Lo and behold, today's look was denim on denim. And I felt fierce.

The cool thing about denim is that it will always remain an iconic and staple piece of historic American clothing.

Even better? Anyone can pull off wearing it! After all, it's in our "genes"...