A Woman of Wonder.

I got one of the sweetest compliments from my brother the other day. After seeing the epic Wonder Woman movie in the theatre, he admitted to really enjoying the film a lot, adding that Diana reminded him a lot of me.

Which is touching because when I was a little girl, one of my biggest aspirations in life was to be an actress, and the one role I wanted to play on screen more than anyone was Wonder Woman.

I wasn't much of a comic book reader, so my knowledge was based on Wonder Woman being this tall Amazonian kick arse superhero. She represented strength, femininity, and she looked courageous and beautiful whilst fighting bad guys. Who wouldn't want to play her?  

When I first saw the trailer to the newest Wonder Woman film, I have to admit, I was definitely a bit jealous. When did these auditions occur, and how was I not notified? Course, I'm just a small town girl from Alaska, but I still should have been given the opportunity, right?  

Anyhow, my jealousy was quickly replaced by excitement. It looked SO action-packed and I was grateful that Hollywood finally got their act together and decided to make a film on her! 

So the other day, I finally went to see it. 


What a film.

*warning, spoilers ahead

An entertaining summer blockbuster, Wonder Woman defied all expectations and left me at times, in tears. When all those Amazonians came down on ropes shooting arrows from impossible angles, muscles glistening, braided hair flying free, I felt incredibly empowered and proud. When Wonder Woman bravely walked forth against flying bullets across no-man's-land, I nearly cried, again.

Course, there were a few critics out there who expectedly focused on it being a "feminist" film, noting her lack of armpit hair and subliminal messages informing us about how the ideal female form should look. Never mind that she's half-god. And as a woman myself, I never noticed that, not once!

Plus, in the end, she cites love as being the only thing that can save the world. How powerful is that?

I'm quite pleased at the turnout of the film and cannot wait for other movies to follow suit in its direction! Maybe next time though, they could give me a shout when thinking of auditions...