No PJs Here.

Do you remember that one person who chose to don pajamas at school? Or perhaps you were the brave soul who literally stumbled out of bed and into the classroom, crusty pajamas making their statement down the hall?

I could never understand how people did that.

Were they simply too lazy to put on pants? Was their closet completely dirty, leaving jammies the only thing to wear? Was it a statement against the hierarchy of the high school dressing system?

Whatever the case may be, I could never bring myself to dress as such.

I've got tons of nightwear, let me tell you, and I would certainly love to show them off, but the reason I never chose to had to do with the attitude that came with wearing them. 

I'm a firm believer in style and its relationship to the psyche, for I think the two are intrinsically linked.

See, when I wear pajamas, I'm about to settle down to bed. I whip off my bra, shimmy out of my clothes, and cuddle up in something delicious, mindset directed towards getting ready to sleep.

How on earth can you productively go through a school day when you're wearing clothes meant for sleeping?

I've been rediscovering the whole power of dressing the past month, for my I had my last day at Kaladis and I've been doing more behind the scenes kind of work. While I could just as easily show up to our #brewcrew meetings in my luscious robe, I know that my attitude will not be as professional and alert, for it will inevitably wander towards thoughts of curling back under the covers for a second nap.

It makes a whirlwind of a difference in how my days go. My "work" this past month has involved meetings at crew houses, going to the train to check out new construction, calling in orders, writing from home. I find that I'm more likely to be worthwhile in this project when I'm geared up and dressed professionally, then to show up in my robe (as comfy as it is).

The time spent on yourself in the morning sets the tone for the day. If you've succumbed to the mentality that appearance doesn't matter, "I'll just show up in my pajamas", then you've gotta change your attitude. When you take personal time to care for yourself, the better you feel about how you look and the message you are sending to the world is more clearly communicated.

Style is how you visually present your inner self, so what are you presenting to the world when you wear pajamas out and about?

I still have yet to don pajamas out in public, but if ever I do, you'll know that it was because there was a promised nap in the plan...

No PJs here!