Tulle-tally Tough.

When times get tough, I like to pull out my fairy tulle skirt and take a twirl around town.

Times haven't been "tough", per say, but it definitely feels like I've been running around with my head cut off. We open brew@602 this month and of course everything is crammed together at the very end, resulting in twelve hour days and this strangely buzzing energy (must be all that coffee we're sampling...).

It also doesn't help that the weather has been horrendous. Every year, global warming has taken its toll on our winters and right now, we've been battling freezing rain, icy roads, melted snow, and a breakup type scene surrounding us. It's not exactly the "winter wonderland" we've all been hoping for, but there's still time!

In any case, it's been a madhouse 'round here, so to keep me on track, I like to slip into something magical, which elevates my spirits and brightens my mood.

I can't let some bad weather and a busy schedule keep me from dressing up. It's one of the only things that keeps me sane this time around!

And gosh dang it I feel like a fairy princess, so good luck trying to bring me down.