Autumn Make You Feel Good.

It's only the second morning of frost I've experienced this season and I am already over it.

Scraping my car with freezing fingers in the dark hours of the morning does not put me in a good mood for the day.

On the bright side (and there is a bright side), when it's frosty, it's usually clear. And when it's clear, there's usually sunshine.

When there's sunshine, there's a happy girl!

Autumn is deceiving that way because even though all the colors are full of warmth and richness, there's a crispness and chill to the air, a contradiction that I find intoxicating. It is even said that the color orange rouses a sensation of heat, providing a cosy blanket when the weather stings at thirty degrees.

It's like autumn is encouraging the use of longer sleeves and chunky knits, but accommodating to those of us still stuck in summer by offering brilliant warm colors.

It's just such a beauti-fall season.

How do these colors not make you feel all warm inside?

If they're doing their job, they autumn make you feel good. They're sure working their magic on me...