Can You Be-leaf It's October?

I was not a happy camper when I went outside this morning.

Thirty degrees slapped me in the face when I walked into the frisky morning air and my poor car was enveloped in a stubborn layer of frost.

Then I looked at the calendar and went Of course, I should've known. It's the first day of October!

Although the chill kept me fairly frozen during the first part of my morning, I appeared to have subconsciously chosen a color that not only warmed me up, but appeared to have brightened other people's day as well.  

Yeah it was a thirty degree morning, but that didn't stop me from wearing a bright yellow ruffle top.

Plus, it brought us all good luck because when the fog lifted and the chill tucked itself away for another day, the sun came out and for a little while, it felt like summer once again.

We all know it isn't so, but it's still nice to enjoy the days of autumn that have yet to be replaced by winter's inevitable visit.

I'm telling you, I will wait until the first flake of snow falls on my face before putting away my yellow ruffle top!