The Graduate.

It took a trip to Rochester, New York, and an unexpected dose of inspiration that got me on track again.

And I can thank my brother's graduation for that!

Five years ago, my brother graduated from high school and trucked it far far far away to the East Coast to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology. It was... not as he had hoped it would be, and there were definitely times of turmoil, but he pushed through and officially got that diploma!

Good for you, bro.

Like me, he's a recent graduate with no immediate job and is embracing this time of freedom by taking a road trip to the West Coast best coast.

While I wish I could also take a trip to the West Coast, I'm trying to appreciate this freedom I have at home and utilizing it in a way that will rejuvenate me for the future.

There was something about sitting there in that audience, hearing them talk so brightly of the future that just reminded me of that spark I once had. Since I returned home from London, it's been slightly dimmed due to doubt and anxiety, but during this ceremony, I felt jolted awake.

It allowed me to feel encouraged about the future once again, optimistic about what's ahead.

I just have to continue to remind myself: it's not about the end destination, it's about the journey that takes you there... And this journey has had many bumps in the road!

It's not a Krull family photo without all the goofy faces...