Fry-Day With Friends.

It was just last Thursday that my sister, my best friend, and I were sitting in The Little Mermaid Café in Homer, eating fries. They were deliciously seasoned and we were just inhaling them, when all of a sudden, I said: It would have been better if we were eating these tomorrow.

Both my sister and Caroline ask: why?

Because, I said, tomorrow is fry-day.

If you have friends who can take your puns and still appreciate you as a normal human being, then you've got yourself some keepers.

I was reading the other day, and I came across a very inspiring section of the book that touched on the importance of female relationships. It began with the history of the term "lesbian", which was actually popularized in the 1920's to describe single women who had close bonds with each other (having nothing to do with sexual feelings).

Of course, throughout time, psychoanalysts discouraged social unions between women, fearing the disruption of the natural path of normal development and marriage. They were afraid of a revolution of single women!

Oh the power of being a single female.

With all of this in mind, I've decided to take a different approach to my impending move.

For awhile, when I've looked into where I've wanted to move, I've looked at cost of living, commute time, and type of job, which are all still very relevant, but I've also realized that a big influence on my personal growth, success, and happiness are the types of friends I have surrounding me.

I've lived in a big city before and felt loneliness and truly, there is immaculate power in having a solid group of friends close to you, rooting you on. 

It took a bad pun and a splendid day spent with my fellow cat-loving, homeschooled, feminist friend and my wise sister for me to figure that out, but better late than never!

So I thank you, friends of mine. For reminding me of the power of friendship and for putting up with my awkward-at-times puns. You have to admit though, they do give you a chuckle. That's just who I am! Bad puns are how eye-roll...