Chills & Blues.

I woke with the kind of bone chilling cold that only seeps its way into your body every once in awhile. The kind where no matter how you bundle up in robes, scarves, socks, and cups of tea, it continues to linger uncomfortably under your skin.

And this weather forecast is supposed to continue well into next week.

Oh the joys of Alaskan winters. Aside from the cold, January happens to be the worst month for suicides, and is statistically one of the most depressing months. Enough to make the blues really sink in!

However. I've never been one to let these things bother me, no matter how frustrating it is to wake up to a thermometer of -7 degrees.

Because even though it's frigid outside, and even though it makes even the simple walk from the car to the house seem like the last sprint in an Arctic race, there are a lot of beautiful things to appreciate.

We're gaining sunlight! Currently, we have around five and a half hours of sunlight, but since December 21st (Winter Solstice), we're gaining seconds per day leading up to minutes per day by March 22nd (Vernal Equinox) at which point we continue to increase daylight, but at a slower rate. Interesting fact: although we have lots of sun in the summer and lots of darkness in the winter, the amount of sunlight we receive yearly is the same as anywhere else in the world.

It's still somehow spectacular outside. Walking down my spiral staircase, I was caught off guard by noticing these perfect spider webs, completely ensconced in hoarfrost (ice crystal growth) and creating quite an artwork. Everything outside, frostily frozen...

Also, I now have a valid excuse for staying home curled up in our bear rug in front of the fireplace, reading, or watching my favorite films. No guilt! Even when I chose to wear bearly anything...

Whatever keeps your mind positively occupied during this rough winter month, or whatever keeps you warm, just remember it only affects you if you let it affect you...

What I wore: vintage blue bobble necklace (used), gold sequined cardigan (consignment), blue silk Gypsy jumpsuit (consignment), and gold J Crew flats (consignment).