1930's, Flirty, and Thriving.

The epitome of Hollywood glamour, the height of sensual screen sirens, the luxurious satin and silk, the lace, the pin curls held back by rhinestone clips, wait. Is that also Amelia Earhart who just flew in?

It would appear as if I have taken a break from the year 2017 and hopped on a plane and flew backwards in time to the '30s.

As it so happens, the evening was spent celebrating the Sixth Annual Cocktail Party, hosted by our very dear friend Heidi. Set amidst a scene perfectly adorned with bottles of St. Germain and appropriate cigarettes and proper decorum, Heidi's house was the picture of glamour, decorated with women dressed in their '30s best.

Not only did I enjoy the exquisite setting (and cocktails and snacks), but I very much enjoyed the socializing aspect. Phones left at home and candles lighting the room, it allowed me to focus on the present and enjoy conversation with some very interesting ladies. It made me appreciate how special it is to look up from your screen and listen to the world around you. You learn far more and it takes you back to a time where parties were meant for socializing and not snapchatting.

I know that as time goes on, things change and other fads come in and become the center of attention, but it doesn't lessen the fact that I believe in enjoying an event without the distraction of a device. And they had cameras back then, so I wasn't cheating when I took that particular electronic with me!

Plus, I'll never pass up the opportunity to dress up from another decade and sip on fancy French cocktails...

Our lovely hostess Heidi pouring quite the collection of cocktails...

Food, booze, and lovely ladies. What an evening...

As the 1930's are a rather difficult decade to dress for, I was lucky to find this 30's satin dressing gown in my closet, a treasure I had picked up from our consignment store in Kenai. Crazy how I have these random antique treasures hiding in my closet.

So last night, I drank my cocktail, "smoked" my cigarette (placed accordingly in my ivory cigarette holder), and sat in satin.

Mom looking especially smashing in her Ted Baker! What a pair we make.

Until next year!