Pink and Frozen.

Yesterday, Mom and I had the pleasure of driving to Anchorage.

Located some one hundred and fifty miles away, this two and a half hour drive would normally make people raise their eyebrows in confusion as to why we would take this journey so casually.

It happens to be the most beautiful drive! Coasting through the mountains with the standout avalanche remains, passing the Kenai River so gorgeously rich and glacially blue, and ending on the curvaceous Turnagain Arm, I usually make the ride as a passenger, alert and in awe the entirety of the drive.

It's breathtaking and it never ceases to make me feel so small in a world so big. And when you get to Anchorage, there's shopping and good food, so that's a bonus!

On this particular drive, we had the best ending, because we picked up my sister at the airport. Two kids down, one to go!

Anyhow, we came home in a snowstorm of epic proportions and when we woke this morning, fresh fluffy snow greeted us from the warmth of our house.

And then it very quickly left. As soon as it came, it disappeared, for this afternoon, the temps rose and the snow turned to rain.

That's Alaskan weather for you!

And as a result of this funky winter weather, our famous Kenai River has resultingly jammed in one particular spot. Chunky white and completely frozen over.  Which is normal for winter, but it's nonetheless exciting news for our small town!

Plus, it is provides an excellent backdrop to a certain shade of pink. And there was pink! Lots of it.

So here's to winter wonderlands, frozen rivers, and fifty shades of pink...

I attempted to visit the river down below, but snowy/freezing rain conditions made the stairs rather treacherous...

What I wore: blush pink Ted Baker beanie, pink Ted Baker cape, vintage pink and silver shift dress (used), gray Gucci scarf (consignment), silver sparkle Ted Baker purse (consignment), Kate Spade fishnet tights (Nordstrom Rack), and gray cowboy boots (antique store).