Nap Queen.

The past few nights, as my mom, dad, and I have sat in the living room watching either basketball or football, my dad has inquired as to how my day went.

Jokingly, he recites his version of my day and it goes a little something like this...

"You wake up, go to the gym, eat breakfast and drink coffee, take a nap, have lunch, take a nap, have a second coffee, scrapbook, have a cocktail, take a nap, eat dinner, then go to bed."

First of all, how dare he have the audacity to insinuate that I would ever go to the gym without breakfast! And coffee before nap? Ahem, no.

But other than those few little details, my day really does kind of go like that. Since being home, I've definitely had some lazy bones and have been accordingly dubbed the "nap queen." It's true. There are multiple naps throughout my day and I feel like I'm productive with coffee, then sleep, then have another coffee, and by then it's cocktail time, which is before dinner, which is before bed!

And just like that my day is done. Throw in the mere six hours of daylight we're lucky to get and you have a short unproductive day.

That being said, I've come to the realization that while it's nice to simply be lazy and enjoy my spare time at home (without work or school), it's a bummer to let any day go to waste. I'm not saying naps are a waste though!

So today, I told myself I would get out of the house and so away my mom and I went.

Aside from watching the spectacular progression of the sunset over the iced up Kenai River and frigid ocean, my mom and I stopped into a lot of the new local shops and enjoyed shopping together once more.

And while the day did end with a second coffee, I didn't take a nap and I daresay that's an improvement!

From this...

...To this!

My look today was a little "home girl gangster" as my mom put it. Perhaps it's the G-Eazy I've been listening to on repeat... I've been inspired!

What I wore: Burton rust colored beanie (consignment), gray Gucci scarf (consignment), vintage cashmere Mayfair jacket (consignment), white Ten Sixty Sherman nap queen shirt (Nordstrom Rack), black pleated Vince skirt (Last Call Neiman Marcus), and multi-colored Coach tennis shoes (Nordstrom).