Angels & Inspiration.

It's no surprise that I have been riding the struggle bus the past couple of months.

Ever since I left my familiar home in Alaska, I've ridden rocky roads all the way to California, continuing my arduous and difficult journey towards the path of finding myself once again, and becoming the woman I'm meant to be.

It's not been easy and I have cried many rivers in my isolation.

Continually looking for ways to make my life easier and to once again get back on track, I've recently begun to cut things out of my life that have made me unnecessarily unhappy.

And I'm working on things to make my life better. Like communicating better, taking a day off, and treating myself every now and then.

My most recent treat? An unexpected journey to Los Angeles.  

Dubbed "The City of Angels", I've never much cared for the overcrowded and dirty city. Born there, I peaced out when I was 4 and was always ambivalent about the what the city of angels stood for, a rough, crazy commuter driven metropolitan town.

Except my best friend happens to live there (as do the Los Angeles Lakers). And this particular best friend just made my weekend one for the books. 

We didn't do anything "spectacular", so to speak. We didn't run into any celebrities (though I was mistaken for Kim Kardashian- how? I do not know), we didn't partake in all of the touristy activities, but we did what we do best together: eat, drink, shop, talk, and take pictures.

Whitney, an artistic and absolute genuine friend, inspired me in all the ways I've been needing as of late. 

Talented and successful in her field, Whitney's the type of friend who lets me ugly cry in front of her when I'm having trouble with boys, is the best listener and advice giver when it comes to "treating yo'self", and has felt like a lifelong friend even though we've only known each other for 4 years. 

Unbeknownst to me, this weekend spent in LA was a gift from above. Along with my journey of self discovery, I'm finding that opportunities are everywhere for me to get better. Hands are extended towards me and help is simply a friend away.

Los Angeles may not be the "city of angels" as I physically imagine it to be, but it has one angel in it, and I thank her profusely for making my weekend an inspiring one.

Whitney, you're the best a gal like me could ask for.