There are a lot of things I'll miss when I leave Alaska.

My home, and everything in it. My parents, and all those weekends spent at home watching basketball over fancy arse homemade cocktails. My job, and the abundance of coffee consumed in a day. Alaska itself, and her wild terrain.

What I'll miss especially though, is my cat. 

I get called a cat lady often, mostly in jest, but in all reality, I am a catwoman.

I take cat naps, I scour the house for sun spots, I whine when I'm hungry, and I certainly won’t complain if attention is directed my way. 

And my cat Fudge does it all with me. 

I've been home alone for a few days now and me and Fudge have been keeping each other company. She knows I'm leaving, all those packed bags in my room are evidence enough, and it's gonna kill me when I leave Alaska and move somewhere new and she won't be with me. She has been very kneady, and it’ll make it even harder when I wish her goodbye. 

I'm thinking of all the possible ways I can get my cat fix. Meet some young single men who happen to have cats (do they even exist?), volunteer at a cat shelter...

Oh it'll be a cat-astrophe without Fudge for sure, but I'll make it work. 


Anyhoo, in celebration of Cat-urday, which is technically every day, I spent it in the most authentic cat-tastic ensemble, in honor of my favorite feline friend, Fudge. 

If that's not the most cat lady post ever..