When It Rains, It Pours.

You ever hear of that old adage “when it rains, it pours”?

Historically, it was often used with the implication of having a negative connotation. Like when something bad happens, other bad things usually happen at the same time.

Take the weather in Alaska, for example.

It’s the end of November, typically a month of high flying snow, and I woke up this morning to the pounding sound of pouring rain.

Forty degrees, and raining.

And not just pitter patter rain, but downpours of big wet fat droplets.

With rain comes black ice, comes slow traffic at the coffee shop, and so the old adage is fulfilled.

I am all too familiar with the saying, as I often find myself experiencing multiple bad things at the same time. Knowing the familiar pattern, I embrace what’s coming, but what I’d like to talk about is the perspective on this popular saying.

If there’s a quote that insinuates one bad thing leading to multiple bad things, can’t there also be an opposite outlook that implies one good thing leading to multiple good things?

Case in point:

I just returned to Alaska, the home I’ve been aching towards returning to since I first left it. Upon arrival home, I’ve received my pallets full of my household goods (which came abnormally quick considering the distance to which they had to travel), I’ve begun work at not only the coffee shop, but the farm as well (which I’ll share with you in a bit), I was approached and asked out on a successful date with a man I enjoyed spending time with ( and which lasted until 2:30am), and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m back on the path to happiness.

Perspective is huge and I’m a big promoter in the idea that even when something bad happens and other bad things happen along with it, we have to remember that the same happens when good things occur. And even when these so called “bad things” happen, like the rain in Alaska, they can be looked at from a different angle.

Pouring rain isn’t “bad”, for it’s giving me the opportunity to wear my fall wardrobe. Black ice isn’t “bad”, it just forces you to drive methodically and safely. And slow traffic at the coffee shop isn’t “bad”, it’s just a part of business sometimes and it gives us the chance to come up with opportunities to creatively get people in the door.

So I say: let it rain.