On the Road Again.

What was so reminiscent of my move into Southern California back in 2012, happened yet again in 2018.

But instead of packing up my car for an adventure called “college”, I was packing my car for an adventure called “coming home.”

An adventure that I’ve been looking forward to with excitement and elation since the idea first popped into my head.

After weeks spent packing up my apartment (and I mean weeks), I responsibly handled movers, packers, paperwork, and all those other adult things one must face when making such a big decision.

And as a treat for all of my hard work?

A road trip!

From smoky California through autumnal Oregon and onward into the foggy state of Washington, I spent a leisurely few days driving my car up the coast with a family friend, a most welcome trip after my stressful and rather emotional move.

There was stopping, shopping, eating, and drinking, and it was just what I needed to finish up the chapter of my Californian life. A cherry on top, so to speak.

I saw parts of states I had never seen before, my Christmas list was taken care of for the upcoming holiday season, I added more coffee spots to my coffee diary, and I left the lower 48 a happier woman, one step closer to coming home.

Throughout my drive on the Interstate 5, I had time to think and process my big change, clear headed and in the presence of someone else (which forced me not to break into tears).

I thought of all the good times, the bad times, the people I met, and the few I wish I hadn’t met, and I marveled at how much I had grown.

Even though there were times when I thought that my move to California set me on the wrong path, I believe in the end that sometimes the wrong path can lead you to the right road. 

Detours, slight detours, is what I like to call them. Because though they take you off track, they simultaneously bring you right back to where you need to be. 

And right now, where I need to be is home.