This is Halloween.

It was a windy descent as I made my way down Diablo this morning, the Hannibal soundtrack coursing through my ears, making me far more jumpy than usual.

Why did I put myself through such terror?

My friends, it was October 31st.


One of my most looked forward to and celebrated times of year, Halloween has been on my mind since the first of October.

As I made my way through the month, working and making some big life changing decisions, I found myself to be… distracted and despite not having as much time as I would’ve liked being able to get myself into the “spirit” of Halloween, I took advantage of the little things.

Listening to my spoooooky playlist, bingeing on my new favorite Netflix show Sabrina, partaking in as many pumpkin spice lattes as my little beating heart could take (all that caffeine man!), indulging in capboocinno latte art, and bringing out all my festive tee shirts, all these little things added up and tonight, I got to celebrate the spookiest time of year with my dearest friends.

I made pasta, we had wine, there was scary garland on the wall, Ghostbusters on the tele, and we even had colorful candles that lit the cake for my friend’s belated birthday.

Although we only had one group of tricker treaters, we had ourselves a merry little Halloween party, intimate and cosy.

In the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Despite not decorating (but instead packing boxes, big news to come!), or dressing up (does an orange cat shirt count?), I spent the evening with people that appreciated this time of year and were willing to spend it in the company of each other.

And a few freaky ghosts.