Time For What Matters.

There are a few things that are staples in my daily routine, activities that are without question essential in the success of my day to day operation.  

The first is obvious: drink a cup of coffee. I am not the most pleasant before my morning cup of brew so it kinda goes without saying.  

The second: take a cat nap. This can be for the suggested timeframe of 15 minutes, or in my case, last for a few hours.  

The third: write. If not in my journal, it’s to you, and if not you, I at least have to think of writing. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts, but either way, getting my creative juices flowing via writing is important for me to do every day.  

I haven’t been able to partake in a lot of these the past few months, however, on account of my sudden busier lifestyle. As my dad constantly likes to remind me, I’m a working woman now in the adult world and may not have time for “frivolous” indulgences. 

To that I reply simply: if it matters most to me, I’ll find the time.  

And I have! Somehow, in all my ample spare time (so like a few hours at night), I’ve managed to utilize the time I do have to ensure that I do those activities, though they may be slightly different.  

Working at a coffee shop has its perks, like coffee, so I don’t have to worry about number one.  

Having a cat nap, number two, has instead turned into just my normal bedtime, which isn’t ideal because life is better with daily naps, but it is what it is.  

Writing, the last thing, I have found to go quite well with family tv time, in between exclamations of joy when the Lakers score. Or my other favorite writing spot, tucked in my bed with Fudge at my feet as I indulge in a little late night Netflix, which has recently been Godless. 

I know what it takes to be a working woman but I also believe that the things that matter most to you, you’ll find the time for.  

I know I’m not the only one who believes this!